Our Maintenance Service

Many businesses like to have their websites maintained, especially small ones, in order to make sure that everything is up-to-date and their website does not breakdown. This takes time away from focusing on what really matters – their business – and has them stressing about techy stuff. That is where Soft Web Expert Steps in – leave all the techy stuff to us and focus on the growth and sustainability of your business.

So, your website looks great and runs smoothly,but you need to keep it that way and always engaged and ready for new visitors.We get this, and we are here to handle that on your behalf. We will help youkeep your website in tip-top shape with our maintenance services, which willeffectively increase the visitors and lead to higher conversion rates, like wehave done for many of our clients. 


Do you have something in mind? Our team would love to hear all about it and give you a final product that takes your brand to a whole new level. Contact us and chat with our friendly and welcoming team and hear about how we can make your ideas become a reality on the World Wide Web in spectacular fashion.

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How Soft Web Expert Go About Maintaining You Website

Website Updating

The demands of your target audience and theinternet change all the time, meaning that your website needs to evolve andadapt, since only the fit survive. It also needs to be in line with yourstrategic planning to truly represent your brand to the world. Soft Web Expertwill update your website’s links, images, galleries, videos, texts, events, calendarsand more.

Fixing Issues and ErrorsYour service title

A website’s features, and the website itself,can crash due to design and coding errors left by negligence. This can cause amassive disconnect between your audience and the content, since they will beunable to access specific parts or the entire website. Let Soft Web Expert’sexcellent support service come and fix any errors you encounter.


Sometimes, your website takes a long time toload or some features aren’t utilized to their full potential due toinefficient code. Let us come in and make improvements that will increase the speedat which each page loads or enhance your websites features.

Amendments and Additions

If your website is lacking some features thatother truly great websites have, then we can make some amendments and additionsto the current design and code to give it any additional functionality that youdesire and overcome any constraints that where inherent in the design anddevelopment process. Your website can have Google Maps, new sections andwebpages, hyperlinks, email addresses and much more, where necessary.

Perform Backups

Soft Web Expert alsoallows you to secure your website’s data by backing it all up on the cloud sothat you don’t lose it all in case something unfortunate happens. We even assistyou in restoring it very quickly so you can get your website back to a pointwhen it was functioning properly.

And much more

Our maintenance service is guaranteed to make your website keep up with the ever changing needs and requirements of your target audience while you continue to expand into the foreseeable future. The internet and its technologies too are always evolving, and Soft Web Expert’s maintenance service will make sure your website remains functional.